*NEW SINGLE - Treesha - Issa Good Look

Good Day! I would love to share my new Single feat. Treesha with you.

On "Issa Good Look" Treesha reminisces over growing up in Kenya and the impact entering the Western world had on her. It’s her intimate journey with a lesson on how to stay humble and grateful while facing and
overcoming your obstacles.

The production by DJ Densen and .MLND is a smooth and infectious blend of Reggae, RnB and Hiphop.


*NEW SINGLE/REMIX* - Tóke X DJ Densen - Candlelight

Good Day! I would love to share my new Remix for Brother TÓKE with you.
„Candlelight“ is a song of hope, warmth and stability in an increasingly unpredictable future. We created a pounding production, reminiscent of those infectious juggling riddims from the 2000's.


*Out Now* Romain Virgo "Good Woman" prod. by DJ Densen & .MLND

I´m grateful to share my and .MLND´s latest production with you. Romain Virgo - Good Woman distributed by VP Records

Thank you for the incredible feedback & love we already received for this song.
This means the world to us. So share the song with your friends, put it in your playlist and play it loud.

*Out Now* Romain Virgo "Good Woman" prod. by DJ Densen & .MLND


*NEW SINGLE* "Dem Vex" - Kapital Stone feat. Kheemo prod. by DJ Densen

I´m happy to share a real energy boost with you. “Dem Vex” by Kapital Stone & Kheemo is the right song to shake off the Lockdown laziness and get things done.

"Dem Vex" - Kapital Stone feat. Kheemo prod. by DJ Densen


And on your warm summer evenings, you can still listen to "Run Come"by Rosh Rebel.

*Out Now* Visualizer for "Run Come" by Rosh Rebel & DJ Densen

Thanks for your support of „Run Come” so far! “Run Come” made it so several editorial playlists at Pandora and even to Deezers “Freitag alles neu” which represent the 50 freshest songs that came out last Friday for Germany.

Today we are excited to share our visualizer for “Run Come” with you. Do you feel the spring vibes? We definitely do!

*Out Now* Visualizer for "Run Come" by Rosh Rebel & DJ Densen


As an independent artist/producer, who loves to share quality music with you, it´s really hard to realize a music release like this at the moment. So it would be a great support, if you share the song with your friends or even put it own playlists.  

DJ Densen presents: Treesha - Same ol´ Song

I´m excited to present you my latest release “Same ol´ Song” feat. Treesha. Five years ago we released the song “We Need Love” feat. Denham Smith, which has more than 250k views on Youtube and led the German reggae charts for some time. “Same ol´ Song” is a straight Cologne-connection Production, Recording & Video everything happened in my Homebase.

Happy to hear your thoughts

Treesha - Same ol´ Song


Relationships can collapse easily by a slight breeze when words don´t match the taken actions. Or as Treesha sings in Same ol´ Song “Everything you say inna di wind it fly away”. With her warm and charismatic voice, the Cologne-based singer leads us through a soulful production by DJ Densen which blends RnB, Pop with a decent Caribbean swing. Treesha, the Kenyan born vocalist, who got millions of listeners on Spotify with her song “Rude Gyal Swing”, and DJ Densen already teamed up in 2015 for the song “We Need Love” feat. Denham Smith. In a classic color scheme, the music video for Same ol´Song tells the story of a couple going through the good & the vulnerable times of their relationship. Is their connection able to rebuild?

DJ Densen presents: Shanique Marie, Rosh Rebel & Nadia Eva

today I´m happy to present to you, three phenomenal queens to conclude my Lockdown Riddim Selection. I have the queen of the Equiknoxx Camp Shanique Marie, the rising Jamaican newcomer Rosh Rebel, and Cologne-based singer Nadia Eva for you


With Shanique Marie, Rosh Rebel, and Nadia Eva DJ Densen chooses three special gems that came out of his Lockdown Riddim Challenge to conclude his exclusive seven-track selection. With “Nice Nice” Shanique Marie reminds us of the healing energies of music and that you “can´t lock down reggae”.  Rosh Rebel, one of Jamaica’s fastest rising talents, talking about the benefit of the lockdown, spending more time with her boyfriend, and is addressing the problem of too much workload in the modern business world. Cologne-based Conscious Culture Lead-singer Nadia Eva put communication in the center of her track “Lockdown Love”. Be it the missing real-life communication with friends & family or the internet flooding fake news & conspiracy theories that we need to deal with. Previous songs on this Roots & RnB combining juggling came from Lutan Fyah, Kenny Smyth, Fabio Battista & Harri Georgio.

Fabio Battista - Get Enough prod. DJ Densen & .MLND

It’s been a bit quiet the last few weeks and some things changed in my life during this corona break. Wanted to let you know that I’m moving independently now. And I`m glad to share my new release with you.

Fabio Battista - Get Enough


In „Get Enough“ Fabio Battista sings about the dilemma when your ex-girlfriend is knocking on your door again. With his raspy voice the former lead singer of Furasoul, created a heart touching vibe on DJ Densen´s &  .MLND´s smooth modern roots production. The singer from the south of Germany wrote this song at first for his contribution to the viral Lockdown Riddim Challenge by DJ Densen & Riddim Mag. Where more than 120 artists from around the globe answered the call to use the time of lockdown in a creative way. To highlight some musical gem´s out of this viral challenge DJ Densen started to release an exclusive selection of songs on his forward pushing Lockdown Riddim. Lutan Fyah with his song “Blood River” and Kenny Smyth “Highway” were the first releases on this selection.