I´m excited to present you my latest release “Same ol´ Song” feat. Treesha. Five years ago we released the song “We Need Love” feat. Denham Smith, which has more than 250k views on Youtube and led the German reggae charts for some time. “Same ol´ Song” is a straight Cologne-connection Production, Recording & Video everything happened in my Homebase.

Happy to hear your thoughts

Treesha – Same ol´ Song

Relationships can collapse easily by a slight breeze when words don´t match the taken actions. Or as Treesha sings in Same ol´ Song “Everything you say inna di wind it fly away”. With her warm and charismatic voice, the Cologne-based singer leads us through a soulful production by DJ Densen which blends RnB, Pop with a decent Caribbean swing. Treesha, the Kenyan born vocalist, who got millions of listeners on Spotify with her song “Rude Gyal Swing”, and DJ Densen already teamed up in 2015 for the song “We Need Love” feat. Denham Smith. In a classic color scheme, the music video for Same ol´Song tells the story of a couple going through the good & the vulnerable times of their relationship. Is their connection able to rebuild?