It’s been a bit quiet the last few weeks and some things changed in my life during this corona break. Wanted to let you know that I’m moving independently now. And I`m glad to share my new release with you.

Fabio Battista – Get Enough

In „Get Enough“ Fabio Battista sings about the dilemma when your ex-girlfriend is knocking on your door again. With his raspy voice the former lead singer of Furasoul, created a heart touching vibe on DJ Densen´s &  .MLND´s smooth modern roots production. The singer from the south of Germany wrote this song at first for his contribution to the viral Lockdown Riddim Challenge by DJ Densen & Riddim Mag. Where more than 120 artists from around the globe answered the call to use the time of lockdown in a creative way. To highlight some musical gem´s out of this viral challenge DJ Densen started to release an exclusive selection of songs on his forward pushing Lockdown Riddim. Lutan Fyah with his song “Blood River” and Kenny Smyth “Highway” were the first releases on this selection.